I have my stitching mojo back!

All it took was an Ink Circles chart 🙂

As I was discussing with JulieD the other day, I love Ink Circles charts because I find the flow of the designs quite intuitive; especially the designs with repeating elements.  Once I have the repeat in my head, I can stitch for up to an hour without referring back to the chart. Tracy is often symmetrical in her work and I guess places her symbols where I expect them to be 🙂

I often can get a flow on in the stitching of Ink Circles designs and I rarely make many blunders when stitching. They are literally a relaxation and a joy for me to stitch.  So last night I pulled out Bright Idea.  Mainly because it was the first Ink Circles Work in Progress I saw sitting on top of a half unpacked box.

The last photograph of the project before the move (January 2011) had the project at:

Today the project looks like this:

Okay, okay – I didn’t stitch all that last night 🙂  All of the citrus and two-thirds of the light purple had been stitched before the move 🙂  However, last night, while in migraine, while a rave party was going on up the street, keeping my head screaming in pain, I managed to still stitch one-third of the light purple from the centre-top (12 o’clock) clockwise around to around the 5pm position.

I find Tracy’s designs stimulating enough that I have to concentrate on what I am doing, but easy enough that I can still get some progress made even in the current adverse circumstances. I suspect there might be a few Ink Circles small designs being worked on over the next little while.

I woke up feeling so sick but so elated over my stitching success this morning – especially in comparison to the grind of the last few weeks.

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4 Responses to I have my stitching mojo back!

  1. Julie Dollery says:

    Great progress Mel, and I’m glad my memory-jogger helped you find your bliss again.

    I heard (ages ago) about the concept of being “in-flow” as being in a state where time runs away and you come back to yourself some time later. Many find reading like that & for me, at it’s best, that’s how I find stitching.

    Here’s hoping stitching some InkCircles helps you find your “flow” & escape the pain for a little while.


  2. Tempewytch says:

    Brilliant news Mel – here’s hoping you can keep on doing this!

  3. Chele says:

    Awesome progress Mel! I haven’t had a needle in hand in well over a week! Glad I got my SAL stuff done before life got crazy around here. LOL!

  4. kay jones says:

    Its great news. At leasst you are feeling positive and actually doing something positive as well.

    Hopefully the migraines will decrease over the next few days. Herw’s keeping fingers etc. crossed for you

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