Health Update Week 7: No more Frowns

In a few weeks I will literally be unable to frown – today I was injected with Botox.

I reported to the consultant neurologist that my pain management progress this week was similar to that of last week.  If absolutely everything went well, then we were making slow progress. Unfortunately the migraines were easily triggered and the medication regime we are using is not affecting the migraines once they are triggered or slowing the ease of triggering.

During the consultation the neurologist stated we had two main options from here, Botox injections or D.H.E.  Although Botox was the more expensive option, it was in the neurologist opinion the better option for my form of chronic headaches.

He put me up in the examination table and administered the Botox into seven different sites around my forehead and the back of head in less than a minute. I was quite surprised and unprepared that it was decided and completed so fast.

I am to continue the current drug regime and report back on the effective of the Botox and these drugs in three months time.  The Botox will take one week to start to become effective and then last three months.

I have an appointment for an MRI in 4 weeks time to see how the pituitary adenoma (non-cancerous tumour in the brain) has gone in the last twelve months.  I’ll also use that appointment to let him know if I am one of the 20% of his patients for whom the Botox injections do not work.

So things are progressing. The neurologist is confident we have the daily pain beaten so he is moving onto the second issue – the blob in my brain.

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3 Responses to Health Update Week 7: No more Frowns

  1. Kerry says:

    I hope it works and you see some improvement soon.

  2. Julie Dollery says:

    🙂 It sounds like people who get a nose job to re-mediate a deviated septum.

    But here’s hoping it works for you.

    • Mel says:

      {Grin} If I was doing a dodgey I’d have found a way to include the rest of the facelift and perhaps some liposuction into it as well 🙂 🙂

      In all seriousness, the literature is not as hopeful as the specialist is, but then he’s been doing this for 10 years so I hope he’s refined his skills ….

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