Gluten Free Shoutout: Town Clock Coffee Shop, Boorowa NSW

Boorowa is a small country town that most people pass through on their way to somewhere else.  If you are gluten-free and you are travelling, it is worth you time to travel off the beaten path to find this café!

Town Clock Coffee Shop – Boorowa, NSW

The day we went in, the entire menu was specifically designed gluten-free or could be made gluten-free.  The burgers and toasted sandwiches could be gluten-free or normal depending on your wishes; the tarts, pastries and cakes were all baked gluten-free only.

Cafe staff baked all the breads, buns, cakes, tarts and pastries; they completely understood the needs of gluten-free diners.

The food came out on time, hot and delicious!  The serving staff were friendly and chatty when we asked questions and left us be when we wanted to concentrate on our meal.  The café is in a converted house, so there are several rooms where you can rest after hours on the road.  The walls are adorned with artwork for sale from local artists at very reasonable prices.  We even brought a piece home ourselves!

The food prices are reasonable, the servings are generous and the food delicious. The prices, ambiance, service and staff are everything you want from a café/rest stop when you are travelling.  The fact that all of this is all gluten-free and more than merely palatable – makes this place heaven on Earth to me.

Five stars! On my “must stop in when I’m heading anywhere in that general direction” list.

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