Next Health Update

I planned a witty post about how managing a migraine is like an old computer program complete with IF,  THEN and GOTO statements and then realised I don’t have the coding skills anymore 😦

So prosaic: I’ve stayed at home for the last week.  I’ve stayed indoors for most of it.  I’ve woken naturally, not via an alarm. I’ve tried to give myself a few hours each morning to putter around and not stress about anything from an emotional, intellectual or physical point of view.  In short I’ve done everything that normal people cannot, but this is also why I quit I job and moved back in with my mother.

And the upshot: I still wake up every morning with a migraine; regardless of precautions I still have a migraine most days. I still get easily short-tempered and irritated (is that a tautology). I still cannot multi-task even though I think I can, and I still need my quiet time every day.

I also still have no short-term memory; out of sight is literally out of mind for me.  If I don’t set an alarm on my phone I don’t remember to bring the washing in on the line, or put more wood on the fire until after it has gone out and I feel cold.  Mum will make me a cup of tea and unless it is at my elbow I will find it hours later.

The good news: the anxiety attacks are reducing (as the lack of panic posts about the cats can attest).  Some of my articulation skills are returning (as long as there is no-one else around at the time so I have no distractions and can concentrate only on what I am saying or writing). And I’ve lost weight.

I actually used the wii fit the other day – first time in months and discovered I’ve lost three kilos.  Confused me until I realised that although I’m doing no exercise, I’m also eating no takeaway food, no yummy treats other people are bringing into the office, no ducking across the road for a smoothie …

Seeing the neurological consultant in one week’s time.  He said the topomax would take three months to become effective and I’ve been on it for about six weeks. So there will probably be another boring six weeks of similar blog posts to come ….

Feel free not to read or respond to these – these are mainly just my journal of progress so I can refer back to them later.

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4 Responses to Next Health Update

  1. I hate how your once vibrant and active life has become so similar to mine.
    Try and keep your sense of humour somehow. It’s an essential.
    Much love, Cxx

  2. Mel says:

    I only discovered after writing this yesterday that I had missed my night time pills the night before. No wonder writing the blog post was such a struggle. Everything was such a struggle yesterday. I hate being so damn reliant on medications. I hate that they are so influential on my wellbeing.

    Not a good day.

  3. Kerry says:

    Mel, I so totally hear you.

    Like Claire said, I too hate how similar your life sounds to hers and mine (although I am very greatful not to have the migraines). It’s not something we would wish on anyone, let alone such a friend.

  4. Mel says:

    Thanks so much Kerry, I was in a bad place last week ans didn’t take the time to say thank you! Your kind words and friendship mean a lot ot me!

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