The cat cold war has been postponed …


… due to the cold  weather.

At -4C a détente can be reached it seems 🙂

We’re about back to normal around here. Abby and Trubs are back to their usual spots inside the house and both are back to being happy inside the house (although the above mentioned night-time temperatures might be a significant factor in this).

There have been some changes in the cat hierarchy.  Abby now seems to have control of the upper levels of a room while Trubs now has the floor.  Feeding time now goes much more smoothly when we feed Abby on top of an unopened packing box and Trubs on the floor.  Trubs doesn’t monster Abby because she can’t get up there and Abby being the beta cat doesn’t monster Trubs – so feeding time is peaceful.

We’ve found a local vet who has a cat vet on staff (I have found some rural vets concentrate on stock and working animals thus consider pet dogs a necessary evil and cats a nuisance).  We’ve gotten Trubs’ arthritis shots up to date, and will continue them monthly.  In June/July we can have them fortnightly if they beneficial.  This vet also gave us a sample multivitamin/joint relief treat food called “sea flex”.  This is the first supplement that Trubs eats up and goes looking for more so this is encouraging!  Abby who wont eat anything that isn’t in her bowl or she caught herself even came nosing over to see what it was, so they both get a treat every evening now.

We have feeding time at 5:30pm on the dot. Sort of a hypothetical home from work/current sundown/gives cats time to eat before we go into the kitchen to prepare our own food time.   Since we started that, Abby has actually been coming into the house somewhere between 5-5:30 on her own volition – so no more panicking by stressed-out cat-mum here. Thanks so much Jules for advice on this one!

We still have Abby prowling around after dinner trying to get back out of the house but mum or I play with her for a while and she will then calm down and curl up for the evening.  The other day it was a warm sunny day and we were packing Abby’s toys away (and making jokes about Abby being like the grandkids) when Trubs walked past.  I flicked the long ribbon at her, and she actually put a paw out to snag it.  She only played for a minute or so, but she actually played with us for a little while.  So the cartophen, or the sea flex, or the warmth or something is helping her.  And the less pain she is in, the happier the household is.

Most nights, Trubs spends in front of the fire and Abby spends on either Mum or my bed. She chooses.  A couple of really cold nights, Abby spent in the lounge room on her chair.  No quarrels from Trubs.

In fact the only two issues we have are the vomiting and the peeing.  The vomiting is not going to go away.  It’s an older cat issue.  Most times Trubs gets to the kitchen floor and I can clean it up of the lino floor easily enough.  Some mornings though, we find patches on the lounge chairs where she had slept the night before.  If I put a towel of the lounge chair, then she will sleep on the floor and vomit on the carpet.

The peeing is our last current issue.  We now have two litter trays down.  We’re still working on optimal placement :/ If Abby uses the tray first then Trubs wont, so some mornings when we wake up, we find both trays used, and a puddle on the floor.  At least its a puddle on the floor of the bathroom and no longer in the kitchen.  We’re pretty much resigned at this point, to putting down a towel each night to “catch” the third use and washing all the mats, towels and floor every day or two – unless anyone has any other suggestions.  We can’t put a third tray in.  There’s just no room – there’s not enough room for a second tray, but we’re trying to make it fit, because it does work on the nights Trubs does her business before Abby.

Oh there is one last issue, but its one I hope we will grow out of.  A side effect of taking the knock-out drugs the Perth quack (and yes I use that term derisively this time) put me on, is that I slept the night through.  Abby isn’t used to night-time bathroom visits.  So when mum or I do the 2am toilet visit, Abby thinks it’s wake-up/get-up time and demands to be let outside so she can start her day.  When the other of us does our bleary shuffle at say 4am the scenario repeats itself.  Abby is slowly understanding that wake-up/get-up coincides with the shower running not with a loo break.  But all three of us are losing sleep while this learning process goes on.

For those of you who are wondering, I do move a lot, and I have lived in places that have an actual cat curfew, where it is illegal for a cat to be outdoors from dusk to dawn, so I try to train all of my cats to be inside dusk to dawn from kitten.  Also Australia has a very high proportion of native fauna that are nocturnal and susceptible to cats.  Again I live semi-rurally and thus my cats have access to many small native animals and birds that really should just be living their lives cat-free.

Finally, no Abby is not trying to get out at 2am or 4am to do her business.  At -4C she or even at 4C she will come inside and use the litter tray thank you very much.  I have been a very mean cat-mum and been shutting the bathroom door during warm sunny days to force them to find places outside to do their business to try to wean them off the litter tray.

So for the tl;dr crowd – situation normal for someone living with an aging cat and two cats that don’t get along.  Nothing drastic, no-one dying, no-one panicking, just a couple of issues.

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  1. Julie Dollery says:

    I hadn’t considered the “door closed…pee outside” idea. Skylla is also an “OMG you want me to dig…in the GARDEN….EWWW” cat & I’d love her to transition from tray to outside. Might try it.
    Thanks for the idea & I’m so glad the dinner time routine has helped.

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