Latest health update

It’s getting better.  It got worse for a while …. but it’s getting better now.

The house across the road sold recently and the owners moved in over Easter. So for all of Easter and the next two weeks there were post-hole diggers, circular saws, band saws, angle-grinders, whipper-snippers, lawn mowers and all sorts of other power tools; on and off, all day, every day.

We had a very very unhappy Mel for a couple of weeks.

However it all seems to be over now. All the fences are up – all the trees cut down – all the new trees planted – all the extra fences are up and life appears to have returned to normal.

The past couple of days I’ve been back to “normal” pain levels 🙂 Waking up with a migraine, but a couple of quiet hours lets that settle down. The brain is starting to work again for a little while every day.

The physical symptoms have pretty much reduced; no more dizziness when bending over.  This means I can put wood on the fire when mum’s at work instead of mum having to bank it up and hoping it stays warm until she gets home.  Something small but such a boost to the self-esteem!

Also in town the other day we ran into some of mum’s friends.  I felt slovenly and unkempt in comparison to them all.  It’s the first time since I got here that I’ve felt anything about how I look.  This has to be a sign of improvement 🙂  I can’t spend a few hours at a hairdresser – I can’t spend that kind of time anywhere in public, but this morning I coloured my hair myself.  Again, something I’ve done hundreds of time before, but a big self-esteem boost!

I’m also starting to feel physically antsy and cooped up – as I mentioned to a friend, you can’t feel depressed if you’re bored 🙂  I’m on the verge of getting the wii fit back out, weighing myself and starting back into some exercise.  Sensibility is stopping me.  I feel good now, but one loud noise and the migraine is back.  Getting the heart rate up and the migraine is back.

Instead I’m going to go for a five-minute walk out in the sunshine (I don’t care that I need a jumper – it’s still sunshine) and check the mail.  Back soon.

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4 Responses to Latest health update

  1. Mariann says:

    That’s good, Mel. But it can be better and somehow it has to stop that you are this extremely susceptible to noises. I really hope you’re also getting that to improve soonest.

    Good to hear about Abby and Trubs, too!

    Gentle hugs for a further improvement 🙂

  2. Clara Lukin says:

    Hey Mel, if nothing else, your life is not boring and I definitely think there is a book in it, so make sure you keep up a diary and perhaps see what mischief you can get up to, purely for research for the book of course!!!!!!
    I can relate to the drama of animal chaos as my old dog is doing the Diahorrea and Vomit thing as well, so she is currently off the extra medications and on fat free foods as we think it might be a bit of pancreatitis just to make life interesting.
    Healthwise, you can only do what you are already doing, hope they are able to do something worthwhile to make improvements for you lifestyle!
    Keep smiling, Clara

  3. Kerry says:

    Ooops. I thought I’d subscribed to the wordpress RSS but obviously I didn’t as I’m terribly behind on your doings. I’m glad things are a little improved and hope it continues right along. I will now actually subscribe so I get all your news.

    (Visting everyone’s blogs is way more than I can manage – it it doesn’t come into my feed reader, I usually miss it. I’m so sorry.)

    • Mel says:

      No worries Kerry, I’m the same. If it’s not in my RSS I just don’t see it 🙂

      Clara, I hope you Old Dog has a quality end of life – that’s all we are looking for with Trubs …

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