Ooooh I’ve been sent a lovely little pressie!

JulieD sent me some threads from my Lust List,

  • Gloriana #115 Topiary
  • Gloriana #016 Holiday Green
  • Gloriana #132 Lavender Ice
  • Weeks Dye Works 2136 Caribbean
  • Weeks Dye Works 2118 Blue Topaz
  • Weeks Dye Works 1285 Twilight

I’ve had a bad migraine for six days straight, mum’s got the flu again – it’s been miserable here.  I decided in this morning’s shower to have a positive outlook, to get things done today; I got out of the shower, got dressed and stepped straight into a puddle of cat pee. I cried.

So the visit from the mailman was perfectly timed – thank you sweetheart!  Not only are they beautifully coloured flosses to fondle, they are actually needed for some designs I’ve been itching to stitch so they may get me out of my funk and stitching again!  Thank you!

Love the note accompanying the threads too!!!!

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3 Responses to Ooooh I’ve been sent a lovely little pressie!

  1. Tempewytch says:

    What a wonderful pressie! Not so wonderful is the cat pee :(, I hope you migraine gets better soon AND that your mum doesn’t suffer with the flu for too long.

  2. Measi says:

    The threads are lovely! I love using WDW. I haven’t stitched with Gloriana yet.

    I hope the migraine leaves soon – have never experience one, but I never, EVER want to.

    The stepping into cat pee (or puke) is something I’m sadly oh too familiar with, though. Ick. ;P

  3. Mel says:

    Hi Measi, Gloriana thread is wonderful to stitch with – and glorious colours too!

    Hey Tempe, Mum’s getting a little better, I’m encouragign to stay in bed a little linger each morning to finish her book and that’s helping. I’ll tryi getting her to take her laptop into bed and see that will keep her rugged up and warm 🙂

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