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Well Multiply has lost my saved draft post for the last time.  I’ve moved and (with help and encouragement) set up a new blog here at WordPress.

Unfortunately Multiply in their infinite wisdom and maturity have decided not to make an export option available for those wanting to take their blog posts and migrate to a new host, so older posts have to be cut and pasted and brought over by hand.  This will be time-consuming and of course I will lose all the interesting discussions in the comments – but what can you do.  I didn’t know when I first set my blog in 2006 Multiply were such assholes, nor did I look into it until it became an issue for me.

Posts that I had cross-posted to my LiveJournal blog I could import here from LJ, but that wasn’t started until 2008 and these posts will still need to be manually friends unlocked, so yes – still time-consuming.  Not to mention, that I didn’t bother cross posting most of my craft posts as I didn’t think most of my LJ readers ould be interested in those posts, so yep – whichever way you look at it, this blog will take up some time to get back up and running properly.

But welcome to the new blog….

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6 Responses to New Blog

  1. Tempewytch says:

    Ouch – luckily I had most of my posts on Blogger (which I dislike!) so I was able to transfer those to Typepad

    • Mel says:

      Yup – if I was using Blogger or LJ as my primary blog then there wouldn’t be a problem. Multiply’s attitude seems to be “why would we waste our time writing a script to help you ingrates leave?”

      • That’s why I stopped blogging there. It froze so many times, I just got bored with blogging.
        Even with one of those form recovery thingies, Multiply still sucks.
        Love the people over there, hate the service.

  2. Tempewytch says:

    Blogs really want you to stick with them don’t they! I was lucky I could export from Blogger *ack* to Typepad!

  3. Tempewytch says:

    Oookay not sure what happened there! But happy WordPressing 🙂

  4. Kat says:

    Welcome to a brand new slate!

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