Medical Update

(This post is part of a series documenting my return to NSW to see a consultant neurologist about debilitating migraines that may be related to a non-cancerous brain tumor; both of which were diagnosed in WA 12 months previously).

Hi all,

Just a short note. I saw the consultant neurologist today. Based on the information he already had he decided that my previous diagnosis had been correct, and I am suffering from Primary Daily Chronic Headaches.

He has however, completely changed the drug regime I am on. That starts tonight so we play the “what side effects does Mel get on these drugs” game tomorrow 🙂

He wants to see me in a month’s time to see if these drugs are working and already has the next thing ready to go if these don’t work.

He will also re-run my MRIs etc for the growth on the pituitary gland in a couple of months time. He said that I’ve been through enough tests right now – so we will concentrate on reducing/removing the migraine pain and then we will look at other issues.

I liked Dr Andrews as he explained things in a completely different manner to the Perth guys. To be honest, both mum and I received the impression that the Perth specialists arrived at the right verdict for the wrong reasons and really should have understood what they were diagnosing more …

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