We’re heeeeere!

(This is the first in a series of posts documenting my return to NSW to see a consultant neurologist about debilitating migraines that may be related to a non-cancerous brain tumor; both of which were diagnosed in WA 12 months previously).

Well the last week has been a blur, but we are all here, back in NSW and settled in.

The garage sale went OK. I was very disappointed in the book side of the sale, but a friend bought the best pieces of my fabric stash so her payment will help with the medical bills (when the money comes in).

We ended up bringing more boxes of stuff over than expected, we had a packer who’s girlfriend had dumped him the night before and two movers who had to come down from the nearby  RAAF base – so there were a few complications, and extra costs .. but we are here now.

The cats survived the trip quite well and are settling in fine.  We lost Abby for quite a few hours yesterday.  It was a cold, wet, drizzly, dreary day yesterday. We opened the back door a little in the morning and she vanished.  We didn’t even see her go out.  Every time we were outside, we called and called. We thought we heard her a few times, but we couldn’t see her.  Eventually we crawled under the house, and up the manhole into the ceiling (two of her favourite haunts). Finally around dusk I saw her come out from a niche under mum’s bed.  Mum has a water bed so Abby had curled up in the warmest part of the house.

Trubs is doing OK – a bit stiff but again is just curling up on mum’s bed to sleep, or under the heater in the lounge room.

There have been a couple of territory issues with Hemingway, but Hems is such a laid back cat that there’s no cat fights, and barely any hissing.

We have the first specialist appointment next Tuesday. So just a relaxing weekend planned until then ….

So what else is happening in the world?  What did I miss?

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