Mel’s Sunday Update on Monday

Firfox has crashed taking a fully written blog draft with it twice.  If it crashes again, no more blog!

News from this week:

Mum has headed home today.  As per usual it feels all too soon, we both enjoy each others company and both enjoy being on holidays ๐Ÿ™‚  However in amongst the burning issues of warcraft, soap making and whether to eat breakfast or brunch, we did manage to get some stitching time in.

Mystery Start 1 was correctly identified by Shawn and Kay as Bright Idea by Inkcircles. I’m amused that so many people guessed it was an Inkcircles chart straight off. Are Tracy’s designs that unique or is she that known as my favourite designer? Or is it that she is also a favourite designer of those doing the guessing? I’ve included an updated pic of the project here.  This project will now be set aside until the remaining threads arrive from Carrie.  Unfortunately Carrie’s family all have the lurgy, so she has my deepest sympathies!

Mystery Start 2 was, surprisingly, not identified. Hint: It is not a Dinky Dyes design, but it is from another of my favourite designers …  I did put a few stitches into this one, but not enough to help with identification. Update pic here.

I also stitched the first part of Abi Gurden’s SAL over on the Stitch Specialists group. Part one was cross stitching on evenweave/linen.  I have already stitched on these fabrics a fair amount, so this was a quick stitch for me.  Update pic here.  Can’t wait for the next part in a fortnight’s time.

Also this weekend I found floss for rosanne and a chart for Julie, so my stitcher’s karma has received a boost ๐Ÿ™‚

However, like all good week’s there was one down patch this morning.  While hunting for the threads & chart I stumbled over a project I was working on years ago as part of my train commute.  It’s a small project, so I figured I could get some more stitches into it before spending the rest of the week on Rosanne’s RR piece.

I really really really hate it when I get an attack of the frogs and put the piece away without unpicking it.  {grrrrr}  Well I’ve found the mistake now, and un-stitched all I’ve done this morning,  I’ll fix the mistake before putting it away this time!

Finally this week’s photo is of my two cats.  They don’t get along so pictures like this are rare.  I call this one “Trubs is too hot & tired to growl at Abby for the temerity of eating at her own food dish”

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