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I finally succumbed and joined WoW last weekend.  The State Library of NSW is hosting a seminar on Online Gaming and Libraries at the end of the month.  This seminar is being held INSIDE WoW!  In Stormwind in the Saurfang realm for those who are interested.

From the FAQ page: Any library worker from any library, anywhere is welcome to participate. You just need to register, and set up a toon. So any librarians who read this and wish to join in, please do so!

So I succumbed.  With a lot of advice from friends and a bit of help from a great friend I used to work with and the seminar organiser, I now have a 13th Level Human Warrior.

I justify this to myself that to get the full benefit of the seminar, I should really get a proper understanding of the game functions and dynamics 🙂

So I was having a play this morning … having given up on Westfall for the quests being too hard for a solo player, I ran back to the other side of Elysian Forest and started a few quests that were too hard a few days ago.

Got all the way over to the area, started killing things, and heard baaaaa! in my ear.  Gordon, next door’s sheep had walked in the house and was eyeing off the couch.

Meanwhile my character had died, so I ran her back to where she died, resurrected her, watched Gordon piddle on the linoleum and used my hearthstone to get my toon back to an inn and left the game to take Gordon outside.

OK, Gordon is locked outside, he has lots of grass and fresh water and can’t back in. I’ve cleaned up his piddle and mopped the floor, time to try that quest again.

Oh bother, my home inn is back in Westfall.  Run alllllllllllllllll the way back to the other side of the Forest, get set up with protective spells, start to fight the baddies and the phone rings.  Its my Dad wanting to settle in for a long chat.  OK, character is dead. Run back to where I was in the game, resurrect and hearthstone home before engaging in battle again and my toon appears back in Westfall.


So an hour later, I’ve finished my phone call with Dad, and am wondering whether to try for a third time go through all that rigmarole for those two quests ….

Its a fine day, perhaps I might join Gordon in the garden and read my book for a while instead ….  


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