Fantastic! Must see!

Mr NTB and I saw Inkheart last night.

Brendan Frasier (slurp!)
Jim Broadbent (one of my favourite character actors)
Helen Mirren (who we didn’t recognise!)
and many slurpworthy others! (Dustfinger’s fire eating scene!)

Great ensemble cast! Although some characters really stole some scenes (the ferret!) you couldn’t really say that one actor outshone the rest.

It WAS a children’s movie so many of the twists and the ending are highly predictable, but it was a very fun movie. A children’s Princess Bride.

This will definitely be added the DVD Collection as soon as it is released!

Off to read the book series it was based on now.

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4 Responses to Inkheart

  1. dollery says:

    I still can’t get over the poster at all the movie theaters…You know the one with the unicorn with the OBVIOUSLY glued on horn.

  2. crabbyman says:

    I had not heard of it. I will keep an eye open for it

  3. rifestitch says:

    You know, there were previews on tv for this a couple of weeks ago – and now nothing. This clearly isn’t the market for this, sadly – not that I would have time to go see it anyway. It’ll be a good DVD….

  4. gothtigger says:

    There was barely anyone else in the movie theatre with us – maybe 20, 30 people in all ….Definitely not marketed well here. To be honest we went to see it so I could drool on Brendan. I knew the books were popular but I had no idea how well or faithful the movie adaption was or was not . Even the usual movie blogs on teh Interwebs were quiet on this one.I’m happy to say we had a fantastic time. It was a great feel-good adventure and there are definitely some slurp-worthy have naked man doing fire eating scenes. Not Brendan though – he was fully dressed the entire time.If anyone could be said to steal the show, its Helen Mirren. I want her her to be MY eccentric great aunt – and I want her house! I wantz it !!!!!

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