Social Interaction on Blogs

This is the second of a series of blog posts I started typing.  But it wants to be published first šŸ™‚

What about social interactions that are not with friends?  But more acquaintances or in a blog network?  How does social interaction work here?

I’ve generally found that blog posts on personal journals usually elicit one of three responses:

  1. affirmation and validation (yes you are right)
  2. disagreement (well no, did you consider points 1, 2 and 3?)
  3. Trolls (you’re an idiot, you’re a downer, how dare you?)

So what do you do and how do handle it if you are expecting one response and get another?

I never expect trolls.  I tend to post my personal thoughts on network or friend-only basis rather to "everybody" so the trollish behaviour is kept to a minimum.  I admit I don’t deal with trolls well.  I really don’t have much tolerance for people who cannot or will not form proper sentiments or constructive arguments so I tend to block them, ban them, and otherwise ignore them.  How do you deal with trolls?

If I’m expecting dissension and get affirmation I personally feel confused, humbled and happy.  Means I’m not as off base or antisocial as I usually think I am.  It may also mean that I am consorting with people who share my prejudices šŸ™‚  How do you react in this situation?

If you expect affirmation and get dissension ???  Now THAT is what defines you as a person!  The way I see it there are usually three types of responses to this situation:

  1. Ignore them and talk to those who agree with you
  2. Engage them in debate (I see your point, but was basing my post on a, b, and c assumptions)
  3. Act like a troll (You’re an idiot, you’re a downer, how dare you?)

Every person has the right to act how they want on their own blog – that’s why you have your own blog!  But this is like all other forms of social interaction – how you act is how people perceive you and respond to you.

If you act like a troll, even on your own blog – I will stop reading your blog.  I don’t have tolerance for people who behave like that.  I’m sure you can continue even without my scintillating input šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

Social etiquette, fear and sometime sheer confusion can allow us to ignore the dissenting reasoned argument.  I’ve never understood that!

I am interested in considered differing opinions to mine! Sometime I change my own opinion based on this new insight, sometimes we can agree to disagree, but to me the important thing is I have LEARNED something.

And isn’t that exciting? Isn’t that why we converse ????

So what about you?  Do you post expecting affirmation and behave like a troll when you don’t get it?  Do you post simply to see your own thoughts on the screen?  Or do you post in the hopes of stimulating intelligent conversation with your readers/network?

  • Is there a base flaw in my assumptions and arguments ???
  • How much do you feel constrained by social etiquette when confronted by these situations?
  • How much are you fearful of being judged by your opinions and actions?

Talk to me – let me know šŸ™‚


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