Spring Cleaning

There’s something indefinable but so visceral about stripping the bed and putting away the winter doona (comforter) and pulling out the summer bedspread instead.

As you can see the supervisor and bed tester was on hand to ensure that quality standards were maintained.  I really pity those of you who don’t have such QA personnel in your household!

So I got a little inspired today.  I’ve tidied every room in the house and cleaned the front and back yards.  Even attacked the ivy in the front yard!

About to have a late lunch and then do the floors and of course the ironing tonight (what would Sunday night be without the ironing pile ….)

EDITED: Trubs no longer loves this house as much as she did.  The dreaded Vacuum Cleaner Monster has found her!

I’ve been spot vacuuming here and there but today is the first day that I completely thoroughly vacuumed every room in the house!  Then I mopped the tiles too!

I’d better lie down until this sudden attack of cleaning passes.

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