I’ve been whinging and whining a lot lately.

This morning as I lay in my comfy bed in my lovely bedroom, with a cat purring against me and surrounded by the tangible expressions of affection from my friends and loved ones, I starting thinking about all the good things in my life:

  • I have a partner who loves me, my flaws and all, and repeatedly tells me that he wants to marry me and grow old with me.
  • Even though I’ve recently moved, I have friends and family scattered across Australia and across the world.  As long as I have my phone with me, I am never alone.
  • In this new city I have friends of my partner, that I am hoping to become friends with in my own right, rather than being tolerated because I’m their friend’s partner 🙂
  • I have a long-term companion cat that is intelligent and eloquent "Its feeding time, shouldn’t you be thinking about getting yourself some dinner too?"
  • I have a well-paying job that holds sufficient challenge to get me out of bed each morning and make me feel like I am earning my wages.
  • I am financially independent. Although my take home pay is not quite what I expected, it is enough to cover all of my costs, afford me a decent (not decadent) lifestyle and my long term debts will be paid out in two years.  If my situation improves they will be paid out earlier 🙂
  • I am emotionally independent.  I enjoy my own company.  I don’t feel the need to be "on" or surrounded by people at all times to shield me from myself.  I’m comfortable with me.  And there are mights where I love just having me, the cat , my stitching and a good DVD.
  •  taught me the art of people watching.  I enjoy going out to restaurants by myself and watching the people around me.  Its surprisingly a lot of fun and insightful as to other people live. 

  • I love my little apartment – it is beautiful with the high exposed beam ceilings, it feel larger and more airy than it is.  It is my sanctuary and I feel at peace within her.
  • I love the new city I’m in.  I’m getting used to its quirks and look forward to spending years exploring its cultural and gastronomical diversities.

Yep I have life pretty good.  Best of all, I have a cat in my lap and who I’m about to disturb, for breakfast this morning is waffles.

Yes I found gluten-free waffles which I ‘m dressing with organic full cream and real Canadian organic Maple Syrup …..

Life is good.

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