{insert long string of unimaginative repetitive expletives here}

I’ve spoken on the phone to a dozen (an even 12) Real Estate companies in Melbourne.  Not one of them will accept an application to rent a property until after *I* view that property in person.

The fact that I am interstate and cannot run down the street at the exact time of their choosing appears irrelevant.  Of the four places that were high on my list, one is open this after from 2:00pm until 2:20pm.  Another is open tomorrow from 11:00am until 11:20am. A third will probably be open for viewing next Monday at some point and who knows about the fourth.

RMIT University are not offering a thing towards temporary accommodation or storage costs.  All they are offering is about half of the actual moving furniture costs and the cost of an economy plane fare.

To be fair, they don’t actually have to offer me a thing – so $2000 and a plane fare is nothing to sneeze at.

But this is becoming a lot harder than I expected and I’m feeling a mite stressed.

At this point it now looks like I get the Removals Company to pick up my stuff and shove it in storage.  I then drive to Melbourne and stay with a friend while do all the required viewing of houses and then put in my applications.  Then I contact said company again to get my stuff *out* of storage and into the new house.

And still start a new job within a fortnight …..

Feeling close to crying with stress right now …. I am sure the feeling will pass …

Yes all the Aussies can now say “I told you so”!

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