Well Day One is working out just fine ….

Plane left 30 mins late, arrived 45 mins late.  Luggage did not arrive at all.


with news that Dragon had disappeared.  This is the third start on the same piece because the previous two starts have also left home mysteriously).

Was greeted by

 with hugs, tea and a fresh gluten-free muffin 🙂

Jointly did some food shopping, bought cheese abd chocolate amongst other things, bought lots of me-type-dietary food as well as some essentials, then chatting and catching up before my bag was couriered out around midnight.

Turned out the destination label somehow fell off the bag while it was still in Sydney.  They did not know what plane to put it on, so they put it to one side to wait for someone to scream that it hadn’t arrived and then they sent it on the next available flight.  So it arrived and was couriered out later same night.  It is definitely my bag and all cross stitch projects appear to have arrived safely.

Went to bed after watching the MotoGP at around 2am local time (meaning I had been awake for 25 hours straight). 

This morning my lovely host got up, breakfasted and headed off to work.

I have had breakfast, eaten cheese, lovely exotic cheese, caught up on emails and group lists and basically have relaxed …..

Might do something really stressful shortly like have a nap.


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