Retail Therapy

My eye is still sore but the doc can’t find anything wrong with it.  They (yes she called in another to look at my eyeball too) suspect that the recent infection has left the surface of the eye slightly scratched and it will remain sore until the eye heals itself ……

So what does one do, when faced with depressing news?  Especially after waiting nearly an hour to see said doctor?  I go shopping.

Above we have Nurk by Ursula Vernon, surrounded by his friends: Toxic Mold, Flesh Eating Disease, Martian Life and Heartworm.

I read Nurk on the train on the way home.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It reminded me very much of me doing storytime.   No smut, not even a whiff of “adult concepts”, this is very much a kid’s book – but there are elements that make the adult in me smile.

And of course there is the requisite Ursula weirdness sprinkled throughout.

If you have a kid aged 8-12 around, or someone who even acts like a kid that age, buy them this book !!!!!

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