I amuse myself

Coming home on the train today I had a young man sitting next to me with his iPod on sooo loud I could easily sing along with the lyrics.

After 10 mins or so I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “excuse me, could you please turn your music down a little?”

He sneered!  Sneered ????  and said “wassa matta with decent music?”

Deadpan I responded:

The album you are playing is The Arockalypse by the band Lordi.  You are just finishing track 6.  Track 7 is their most famous song Hard Rock Hallelujah.  It contains lots of screaming and I have a splitting headache.

He looked at me {standard corporate black work clothing}.  The he looked at what I was stitching – the oh so cute Jasper.

I saw his brain freeze.

He turned his iPod completely off for about 15 minutes.  He later turned it back on but very quietly and I believe he had changed albums …..

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