YES!!!!! Vindicated !!!!

Decided to prove a point today and leave work at 3pm (because I still *can* for the next 10 days).

Hopped on the 3:30 train home and was merrily stitching away when the train pulled up tot he next stop and a bunch of young men got on board. Late teens early 20s – reminded me in mannerisms of the lovely bunch of dickhead’s mates on Friday night that taunted me to the car.

I scrunch down further in my chair and chide myself for negative stereotyping and then I hear the following.

Oh shit its her! The one in black with that embroidery crap – its her from Friday night!
{murmur murmur}
Shit no! She’s cold!! She’ll call the ghosts!
{murmur murmur}
Nah we tried that – she weren’t scared – she blew us off – I tell ya she’s COLD! Leave her alone. Go near her and the ghosts’ll never leave us alone!

Wheeeee !!!! So these *were* some the arsehole’s mates that taunted me up to the car. Only the young ones, the followers. Well – I could be wrong, it could be some other 5’2″ corporate black-wearing stitcher who lives in this area !!!

{snicker} {snicker}

On the way up the platform one of them was jostling an old lady, pushing her up the stairs. He smirked at his mates and then looked over at me. I gave him my patented librarian stare, (the one with the raised eyebrow that works on five year olds) …. He blanched and backed off !!

YES !!!!!! Had to strut from the car down to the house !!! Truth always has a cultural context but baby I didn’t realise I scared them as much as they scared me šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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