5’2′ fat women should never open their mouths (warning language)

On the train on the way home a man was getting very drunk and increasingly abuse towards other passengers in the carriage. Everyone ignored him and hoped he would shut up and fall into a stupor.

Half way along the trip the Inspectors came onto the carriage and asked to view our tickets (looking for fare evaders). I asked if they were the people we reported drunk and abusive behaviour to. They asked who? I pointed him out and gave a description of the amount of his drinking and his antics towards the other passengers.

He denied it all in a small sweet voice saying he’d been drinking before he got on the train and he was sorry if he upset anyone. He got off with a warning. They left the carriage.

He was quiet for another few stops and then just as we were pulling onto the platform of the next major stop he got out of his seat and started yelling at me, calling me bitch, cunt, lag, prude. Was I fucking jealous because I didn’t have any booze? How much time on my hands does a cunt like me have anyway? etc etc He stood over me with his right fist raised in the air.

I pushed past him, fled down the carriage, nipped out the door and back in the door of the next carriage just as we pulled out of the station.

As I was hurrying down the carriage I saw all the older women looking at me in sympathy, all the men in business suits didn’t look up from their papers and the teenagers were laughing and giggling.

I assumed the inspectors had gotten off the train at that stop and that’s why he felt brave enough to attack me. I was wrong, the inspectors got off at my stop, where the journey terminates. I told them what had happened and got told “no it didn’t we were watching you both the entire time”. Right! So when we were on X platform and he was standing over me with his fist raised, yelling at the top of his lungs, you saw and heard that?

We went down the other carriages for just a few minutes, he must have done it then.

Right! So you at least noticed that I was no longer in the same carriage as him?

Well he’s left the platform now there’s nothing more we can do.. I suggest if you know his name and address you could report him to the Police.

Right! And have them tell me the same thing you did – that because you didn’t witness the incident there’s nothing you can do. No wonder the rest of the carriage didn’t bother speaking up. I’m obviously the only idiot here.

As I left the train station he and his mates we waiting for me. Taunting me as soon as I left the station. Did you have a good ride love? did you enjoy your trip love? Are you jealous because we had all the booze love? Fucking cunt. Fucking bitch. We’ll fucking do you bitch – next time you’re in a carriage by yourself, we’ll fucking do you.

(As an aside *why* do they always say “we’ll fucking do you!” Hmm? Why is whenever I get threatened its always the same phrase) …

As we had left the platform the Inspectors couldn’t do anything. There were commuters streaming past and they all studiously avoiding getting involved. They taunted me all the way to the edge of the car park then left. By the time I stopped shaking long enough to start the car and exit the car park they appeared to have left.

(Edited 15 June 2008: I was informed last night that there are CCTV cameras in the station and in the carpark – just not during the distance that I was followed and taunted – gee strange that).

Rather than go out to the party I had been invited to tonight, I’ve just come home. Once again I get another object lesson to do what everyone else does and just shut my mouth and let them get away with whatever behaviour they like, because they will never be punished for it. Our society is geared towards them behaving as they wish and I’m just hurting myself by not being part of the huddled masses.

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