Weekly Recap ….

Well what a week! Got the results of my allergy tests back on Monday. I am *allergic* to:

* Wheat
* Peanuts
* Bahia Grass

Hmmm Wikipedia suggests that wheat can be a respiratory allergy – who knew ???? Also that if you an allergy to one type of cereal you may have respiratory allergies to other cereals and grasses – which could explain the bahia grass ??? Hmm – will have to visit my local library and find out more information.

I have to remove wheat and peanuts completely from my diet for the next month and see if that makes any difference to my sinus issues or my general well being.

I also had a blood test on Monday for Coeliac’s Disease. Mum is allergic to wheat *and* a Coeliac – I need to know if I have both or if one is masking the issues with the other. As I’ve been eating a gluten-free diet for many years, the results will be unfortunately ambiguous at best.

Wednesday I got my flu injection for this year. Everything was fine on the day and they gave us lollipops. Friday Saturday and today, that part of my arm has become very tender and sensitive – hopefully this will wear off soon.

Thursday night I got more root canal work done. Hopefully this is now the end of it. Just need to wait a month for everything to calm down and settle in place and then I get a crown over the top. And then it will be finished – except for the financial paying of it – that will be ongoing.

So lots of health issues this week. One thing I did notice is my general mental health. After getting the preliminary results last week of my allergy tests I immediately went peanut free and was a little more careful with checking items were wheat free as well as gluten free. I don’t know if its related or merely a placebo effect but I’ve been much calmer this week. Things at work are still crappy but I’m handling them much better, I’m not getting depressed about it as I have been lately.

This is a good thing.

In other news I stitched this cute little design while commuting this week. It seems to sum up my thoughts on work right now …..

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