Too Much INformation

Yes its one of *those* posts ….

This morning I dropped my car into be repaired (small bumper accident some may know from just before Easter).  Anyway as it is the next suburb over I thought I would walk home.

Made it in 40 minutes.  The first 25 were fine. The next 10 were up a hill that most cars have to take in second gear.  The last 5 was up my own driveway which most cars do in 1st gear.

So walking vs sex.

My legs are trembling so much I can’t walk – yes for both.
My heart is going so fast I think I might pass out – yes for both.
My hands are trembling so much I can’t lift a glass of water – yes for both.
I’m all sweaty – I get more sweaty during sex.
I can’t talk because I can’t catch my breath – correct for both.

The main reason I prefer sex over walking – there’s no AfterGlow from walking up a damned hill !!!!!

Nor anyone nice to cuddle while you catch your breath ….

Just thought you would like to know 🙂

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