Being Creative

Reading the blog of one of my favourite artists yesterday, she said “Damnit, if I can’t cuddle, I might as well paint!”

Well I’m not an artist and I can’t paint – but I think she has a point.  So today in amongst lots of phone calls and PMs and IMs and txts and alll manner of wonderful communications with sooo many people (THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!)

I soaped.  And then I stitched.

Vanilla Soap
Inspired by my sweetie – but who knows if he’d even like it 🙂 🙂 so I made a whole batch of 12 bars in case anyone else thinks they may like it ….

250gm Coconut Oil
250gm Grapeseed Oil
250gm Lard
250gm Rice Bran Oil

250ml water
137 gm lye
30ml Vanilla fragrance.

Simple plain recipe.  Nothing facy, no hassles.  Used full water amount to give me more time to play but ithis soap will take at least 4 and preferably up to 8 weeks for minimum cure for use.

The creative part is in the vanilla fragrance.  This fragrance is known to discolur soap.  It will turn the whole batch a tan or coffee brown over time as the soap cures.

So what I did was pour two thirds (roughly) of the raw soap into the square mould, then mixed the fragrance with the remianing one third and then poured it in as a swirl type pattern.  I then used a spatulat to mix it around a little.  This is known as a blind swirl because I wont know until the soap cures what the swirl will actually look like.

I think I may have overmixed so it will look more marbled than swirled – but the fun part is I have to wait to see what the results of my creation are …..

White Witch Soap
This is a fragrance I bought at Christmas to suit a fragrance a friend wears.  I think she’s liked the bubble bath powder I sent her with this in it.  Anyway I thought it was time I had a play with some new mould and a patouli-based fragrance appealed 🙂 🙂

250gm Coconut Oil
250gm Macadamia NutOil
250gm Lard
250gm Rice Bran Oil

250ml water
138 gm lye
30ml White Witch fragrance.

I used grapseed oil in the first recipe as I wanted to keep the base bar as white as possible so the blind swirl would show through …. I much prefer the feeling of macadamia nut oil so I used it in this recipe and it will be a softer more yellowish hue to the bar.  Also played with some 3D two part moulds instead of the usual cavity pour.  When the soap got too thick I poured the rest into a standard cavity mould.

Again I used full water so I would have more time to play with pouring before the recipe got too thick.  Also as it was in individual moulds, there was no gel phase so curing will take longer with this soap.  Definitely up around the 8 weeks for a good hard long-lasting bar ….

Finally tonight I stitched – got some more done on BoInk.  Hope to get a progress pic put up tomorrow when I get a little bit more done.  I’ve got the first Barfy done and just need to outline him.  I’ve started on the green but need to add in the gold to outline the second installment before I take a picture – hopefully tomorrow – or should I say later today.

Have no idea what I’m talking about – see here.

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