Why Saturday ????

I had a good night last night.  I cooked calamari and baked vegetables. Had a glass of chardonnay with dinner.

Spent the rest of the night on various phone calls and IMs and PMs chatting with friends and then just as I’m about to finally head off to bed, someone escapes out the back door.

Mutter grumble !!!  She wont come back in? Fine spend the night out.

Woken this morning at 5:30am-ish by the sounds of a catfight. Roll out of bed, don’t bother putting glasses or light on, let the cat in.  That’s what happens when you spend the night outside.  I give her a cuddle then put her down and head to the bathroom on the way back to bed.

There are black things all over my arms – great she’s been rolling in the mud.  These things are not coming off – they are moving – HOLY CRAP !!!!

Sprint to the bedroom for the glasses – sprint back to the kitchen – HURRY UP YOU STUPID FLUROESCENT LIGHT !!!!!  Who the hell puts a fluorescent light in a kitchen when I’m going to be going in there in complete darkness with with black THINGS all over my arms !!!!

My arms are covered in leeches.  My cat is covered in leeches.

A few minutes, an entire container of salt and a cat brush later my brains stops gibbering and we are both free of the horrible black squirmy things …..

Except Trubs has lots of flea dirt too – oh well while we are at it I may as well give her her drops of Frontline or Revolution of whatever the stuff is …..

Twenty minutes later I’m on the net with a cup of tea and a purring cat in my arms – typing one-handed …… smelling vaguely of Frontline where she’d smeared it all over me ….. with no possibility of getting anymore sleep ….

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