Monday morning

It is the last day of March ….

4:30am     The alarm wakes me at its customary time
5:50am     I am on the platform awaiting my train
6:56am     We pass my friend’s train stop.
Pre-dawn lavenders and purples flow over the buildings
7:17am     I see my first glimpse of the sun
7:21am     The train pulls in and I walk down to the bus stop
7:34 am    I feel the first brief warmth of the suns rays on my skin.
7:48am     I am at my desk.

It looks like it will be a warm clear day – but for now I have had less than 2 minutes warmth of the sun on my skin.

Too many shadows and valleys in the city.

Daylight Savings in in force for another week yet.

Next year it is rumoured to be extended into May …..

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