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16 Jul 2006

Oooh what an interesting 36 hours since my last update.

Yesterday morning I signed off and headed to work. Had an OK day – worked 9:00am until 4:00pm. One of the main friends coming to dinner ended up working with me all day so that was fun. She also sympathised about my neighbours and bought me lots of coffee 🙂 A fun day. Then at 4:00pm we herded the last of the customers out and started to lock up. The front main sliding doors would not lock.

Long story short version, our boss could not be contacted via mobile phone so we rang the locksmith directly and I hung around by myself until they turned up. Paul got worried about me being on my own, as it was not the best part of town and the less-desirables come out after dark (5pm as we are in winter here). The locksmith arrived at 5:30pm and took 5 mins to fix it.

Got home at 6pm – when the party was due to start. I hadn’t cleaned, vacuumed or got dinner started !!!! Neither had Paul as he stayed near the library waiting for me.

Everyone else was late too – so we got a very frantic tidy and vacuum done. The others turned up at 6:45pm so we popped the DVD of the first episode on. That finished 5 minutes after episode 2 had started on the TV so we caught the friends up, then they all settled in to watch it while I went out to our favourite Indian restaurant and bought some take-away.

Good food, good wine (supplied by the guests) and great desserts (also supplied by the guests). Lots of discussion on the new series. Had a ball, the party finished around 11:30pm.

Needless to say I went to bed a few minutes later. Paul stayed up. The neighbours were having a quiet night thankfully. Then I was rudely awoken around 3:30am when the Police turned up and spoke to the neighbours. They didn;t turn up the night they were being rowdy and having their domestics, no they turned up the night after!

I woke up with a screaming headache! I took a couple of paracetamol with water, which made me very nauseous. Paul came to bed at that point and cuddled me until I slept.

i awoke at 7:30 and Paul again cuddled me and stroked my face and hair until I slept again. I awoke finally at 10:30am feeling well rested. I’ve been so tired this last week.

Went to work at midday, home by 5pm. Paul and I have packed the rest of the contents of my filing cabinet, my DVDs and my music – and more boxes of my non-fiction books. Paul also very kindly took lots of the packed boxes out to the garage. Oh and I washed up from the dinner party.

Paul is currently making dinner and I’ve been ordered to sit down and rest – hence the blogging 🙂 I think I might go stitch for a while now.


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