Crap – no time to vent

Gotta head off to work in a few minutes and I’ve already skipped breakfast.

I signed off at midnight last night and went to bed and the neighbours were playing music so loud, that it drowned out my bedside radio! And they were playing hip-hop! It was after midnight and I rang the cops but they didn;t do anything. I finally fell asleep at some point.

Woke at 2am – now they were having a domestic on the front lawn as well as the loud music – so I called the cops again. Nothing happened. About half an hour later, he told her to eff off and he got in his car and took off. All settled down.

Half an hour later I was woken again. She was sitting on her front lawn with a girlfriend – crying and screaming “what the eff has he down, why has he done this, I should effing go over there, I should effing tell him …. a murmur from the girlfriend .. the neighbour then shrieked at her “what do I do, what do I effing do, tell me what to effing do”

So I opened my window and yelled out “I’ll tell you what to do – shut the eff up! Some of us have to go to work in a few hours” She shrieks back at me “butt out you sad loser get your own life”. I yelled back “at least I’m not broadcasting mine to the whole street!”

I then slammed my window and she went inside slamming her window. Everything is quiet for 10 minutes. The she walks outside slamming the door, pauses then walks back inside, slamming the door, walks back outside slamming the door, pauses, walks back inside slamming the door, she does this about ten times then while standing outside the door she jingles her car keys and shrieks back into the house “I just can;t do it – the effer can come to me” and then she walks back into the house slamming the door a final time.

10 minutes later we get the usual rowdies heading down the street as the pub on the left corner of the street closes and the patrons walk the three blocks to the pub on the right most end of the street. Taking loudly, drunkenly, kicking any mailboxes, cars and pets they can reach along the way.

I finally get back to sleep around 4:30am.

Oooh I’m so glad to be moving !!!!!!!

7am my alarm goes off. 7:30 as I’m getting out of the shower, the younger male neighbour (the one who I think is her main partner) is back home, and revving his car in the driveway. he revs it for 15 minutes and the takes off in a squeal of tires. He does this every morning he wants me to know that he;s annoyed with me. And jest as I type these last few words, I can hear the front door slamming again as she calls her kids little effers and little c*nts as she does every morning.

Crap – I gotta get a move on or I’ll be late.

Hugs all

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