Sooo tired …..

Its Friday night. Late. I am moving in 13 days and I have 3 days only that I am not working. That is next Friday and then the following Monday and Tuesday.

Since I last posted an update, I have finished organising my xstitch stash. All the charts are together and in folders. All the kits and partial kits (where I have bought the chart and fabric and maybe threads separately) are all in their own little plastic pouches, so anytime I want to work on a new project, I can now see at a glance, which ones are fully kitted up and ready to start working on 😉

All are now packed. all charts, all kits, all extra threads and fabric. All my mountains of magazines. All organised and packed. I’ve also organised and packed my entire 3000 plus comics collection. I’ve also packed my sewing fabric stash.

Just the rest of the books and the soaping supplies to go and then all the hobbies will be packed. And then onto the rest of the house:)

Monday night I crashed out. Tuesday was packing. Wednesday night I returned some furniture back to some friends (who live 2 hours drive away each way). Thursday night I rested and stitched. Friday morning was the usual Friday cleaning, washing etc. Friday afternoon was out all afternoon dealing with a financial adviser. Friday night I finished sorting and packing the cross stitch stash, moved on and packed all magazines and then all comics.

Tired and going to bed now …. am working all day tomorrow – 9am until 4pm and then friends are coming over to watch last week’s and this weeks Dr Who episodes. So no packing tomorrow …..


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