To do list – Friday 07 July


Well I suppose I should write this down somewhere just for my own records and making sure I remember everything I have to do. Feel free to ignore (or let me know if you think of something I’ve forgotten to do). Remember this is just TODAY’S to do list.

* Lease a Post Box at Post office near my work and then arrange a forwarding of all mail to that box – the mail box in front of the new house is quite a way away and cannot be seen from the house. I’ve decided I don;t want the postie dropping off parcels of scrummy fabric and threads where I can;t see them!

* Buy more Trubby food.

* Put Mozart in for framing. I finished him back in February and was going to frame him myself, but then visited early and I couldn;t get time to myself to block and mount, yada yada yada. I’m taking the frame and mount in to the framers and they can do it for me.

* Buy some storage boxes.

Back home:
* Ring the telephone, electricity and internet companies regarding disconnecting and reconnecting, and advising my new postal address.
* Ring car and home insurance agencies and arrange the change in cover and advise new postal address.
* arrange rest of Dad’s care parcel so can be sent as soon as Mozart is ready.
* pack rest of SCA stuff to be sent interstate. Some friends of mine are starting a new shire and I’ve decided they can have my clothing and feasting gear etc etc on permanent loan as part of their new hospitality.
* start de-cluttering and packing the room of death. Start with the filing cabinet.

* relax and stitch.

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