Guess what ???

I got it! I got it! I got it !!! I got the scrummy house I wanted !!!!!! I collect the keys and start moving in on Wednesday 26 July.

I leave this crappy place and these crappy neighbours forever on Tuesday 1 August! I can’t believe the real estate has it listed already !!!!!

The timetable is as follows:
Now until Tues 25th – work, sleep, de-clutter and pack.
Wed 26th – collect keys, go check it out and fill in inspection report. Mum arrives Wed pm.
Thurs – Mum and I go shopping for a new bed for me (and possibly some other furniture)
Fri & Sat – move all the furniture and boxes.
Sun – working !!! Can’t knock back 4.5 hours of double-time.
Mon – clean the old place.
Tues – get the carpets dry cleaned, pass final inspection, hand over keys and kiss this neighbourhood goodbye forever !!!!

Wed-Fri – unpack, stitch and relax before returning to normal work on Saturday 5 August.

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