House hunting

Oh this process is wearing on sooooo long – its wearing me down!

Here’s a link to the house that I really really wanted *eight* weeks ago! They still haven’t accepted any tenants! You would have thought that 8 weeks worth of rent would have been worth whatever damage they thought my cat could do …. sigh.

Here ‘s a link to the property that I turned down …. it says 2 bedroom home, but it actually has an upstairs and a downstairs. The upstairs is the place in the advert. The owners want to use the downstairs for their own private use, to come and go as they please, and to do what they want with the grounds, back yard etc as they please. No thanks!

And finally here’s a link to the house I’m going to view Monday in my lunch break … its in the right area, bush setting, only 5 mins drive to work, near friends, and looks gorgeous. I’m going to do a swing by this afternoon after I finish work and just check out where the house is in relation to the street – and how many steps it has! Cross your fingers for me please !!!!!!

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