STASHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruitania P by World of S Designs

Floss Toss

Well I finally did it today – I drove the two hours each way to Katoomba to visit an actual bricks and mortar LNS. I visited Karen @ dragonflydreams.

Paul was supposed to come with me, but changed his mind at the last minute. Oh well I went by myself anyway. Karen’s changed premises in the last couple of weeks and her new shop is really really well laid out! And lots of Chatelaine’s on the walls. Karen is her Australian distributor – oh did I drool!

I picked up (had already ordered and paid for):
St. Sylvestre – Long Dog
Pirate Treasure – Lynne Nicoletti
Skeleton Crew – Cross-Eyed Cricket
Coffee, Chocolate & Men – Waxing Moon designs
All the Gentle Art threads for Coffee Chocolate men.

I bought today:
Why is it – Cross eyed cricket
Here be dragons – dragon dreams
Size 26 Gold plated John James petites
Size 28 Piecemaker needles

I figured it was about time I invested in some good needles and will try both brands to see which I prefer.

I also bought 4 more threads as possible matches for Paul’s monogrammed birthday present. I’ve included a scan of the floss toss here. Any comments gratefully received !!!!!!!!!

As Paul was not with me, I only bought one skein of each and will wait until Paul decides what he wants before buying more.

The four colours in the scan are:
Distant Hills – Caron Waterlillies
Seaweed – Gloriana
Jewel of the Nile – Needle Necessities
Bejeweled – Crescent Colours

any comments?

Also seeing as I was going so far in one day, I stopped by a nearby chocolate shop and had the most heavenly hot mocha coffee that has ever passed my lips! Also I consumed a piece of heavenly flour-less chocolate and raspberry cake. I was feeling most mellow while consuming these!

Then I went further down the same road and stopped at Echo Point – a rather famous Australian tourist spot where you can clearly see the wide expanse of the Blue Mountains and the famous Three Sisters rock formation. I was planning on bringing my camera so I could practice using it, but I completely forgot it! I am so kicking myself for forgetting it!!!!

I actually walked for an hour around most of the lookouts in that area. I even walked down about a third of the very very steep stairs to the base of the three sisters, but then I chickened out and came back up! A very strenuous walk, and then just the drive home.

All in all an indulgent day out – which I really needed without spending too much money!

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  1. Gonna have to get Coffee, Chocolate and Men!! Wow!

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