Scarf and Pyjamas

feather yarn

Today is my only day off then I work 6 days ina row, get next Friday off and then work another 6 days in a row and then I’ll get three days off. Lots of work, and the overtime will be welcome.

So today I did the usual weekly clean house, do the washing etc etc then went out and spent the afternoon looking at houses. Didn’t find anything appropriate again. Went to the local large shopping mall for some retail therapy and early dinner. Bought a pair of flanalette pyjamas – here’s a scan of the pattern on them.

Also laybyed two bra and knicker sets. One in sheer black lace – ie its sheer in between the lace. The other set is the exact same style but its in emerald green with a cream background. Gorgeous.

Feeling better, I came home, put my pyjamas on and settled down for a quiet night in front of the telly. I decided to give my eyes a rest from the 32ct I’ve been stitching on and decided to finally finish off the scarf I’ve been working on since last winter. Its now finished – I’ve included a scan of the tail end of it. Its around 2 metres long. I still have an entire ball free but I think 2m is long enough.

All in all a productive evening but not a productive day

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