Snowflake – first real day

Snowflake by Moonflower Designs

14 May 2006

Well I just had a great day. The neighbours disappeared off somewhere with a packed car yesterday (YAY!) and still haven;t returned.

Paul spent the day with his mum. And instead of the forecast rain, it was a beautiful sunny mild day.

Trub and I spent the whole day sitting out in the sun, reading, stitching and dozing. Magnificent!!!!

Of course the weather cooled down around 4pm and we had to come inside. Its now 8:30pm, and Paul’s here and we’re about to watch X-Men 2. Lovely ending to a lovely day. However I just had to show you the progress I made on snowflake today – its starting to look like an actual snowflake now 🙂 Pity that the scanner really is NOT doing the fabric justice.

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