Mother’s Day

OK here’s mum’s Mother’s Day present 2006. She just rang me and had opened it, so its safe to post here now. As I had it framed while mum was here for a visit over Easter, I could not get a photo of it framed. Mum’s going to send me a photo of it on her wall when she can.

She loves it – she really does thank goodness! I had the leaflet in amongst the others when she had a look through my stash when she was here, but she didn’t seem very interested in it at the time. She now says that she didn’t want to show too much interest because she wanted me to stitch things for myself, not for other people! Sure mum – I can spot your saves!

Anyway, the framer did a marvellous job of the framing and I think I chose just the right mat for it! You’ll see when the pics come along. Actually it was good to chat to mum now she’s stitching too! eg *she* mentioned that it was on 14ct Aida and how neat the stitches were, and didn;t I find all that black block work depressing … and then she said “You know I could make something like that!” And I said “YES MUM! You CAN!”

It was sooo brilliant!

I’m sitting here typing this with a pile of charts in plastic covers on the carpet beside me – I’m doing some work updating my spreadsheet of stash – and Trouble just walked past. She stopped and turned her head around to lick near her tail. But her front right paw (the one that she’s shifted most of her weight onto) is on a plastic chart, and its sloooowly sliding sideways …. I just watched, but she moved her paw just before she toppled onto her face. I giggled and she glared at me and stalked away 🙂

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