Moving house

Well it hurt too much yesterday to talk about it, but I didn’t get the house.

Apparently I was the best applicant by far but the owner turned me down because I have a cat. Apparently the Real Estate submitted me as the best applicant on Tuesday afternoon after ringing my references, and then spent continually up until Thursday morning trying to convince the owners to accept me. They would not.

In a very small voice I quietly suggested that if the owners were so obviously anti-pet, then that should have been listed in the advertisement, so I wouldn’t have even bothered to go and look at it, let alone fall in love with it. The Real Estate person was very kind, and said she has a cat around the same age as mine and she feels terrible. She simply did not envisage that the owner would be so adamant. So I hung up and cried a little and got lots of hugs from my co-workers and then went for a walk, did some retail therapy and then got on with my work.

After lunch my supervisor came up to my desk and said that he had rung the Real Estate agent to see if he could help my case. He confirmed that they told him the same story that they had told me, and it appeared to him that the Real Estate person was in genuine distress in not being able to offer the property to me. she did tell *him* that if none of the other applicants were acceptable to the owner then she would force my application through. But that doesn’t sound very likely (as there were heaps of applicants) nor am I sure I would want a house under those circumstances.

So guess what I’m doing tomorrow and its not the trip to Katoomba to the new cross stitch store like I planned!

It was very nice that my coworkers rallied around like that – and nice of my supervisor to go out of his way like that too! And then to come home to a surprise kit when I had ordered a chart and wasn’t sure when it was even going to arrive …. well sometimes the good compensate.

Oh and that Retail Therapy? The local woodworkers guild had a series of stalls set up in the local shopping mall (its Mothers Day in Australia this coming Sunday) and I bought a beautiful ironbark chopping board. It is a gorgeous deep red mahogany colour – simply a beautiful piece of timber – and its been crafted to have rounded edges – very organic looking and it has a slot cut out of one corner so I can put my hand through it and use it as a handle !!!!

Many hugs to you all!

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2 Responses to Moving house

  1. kay jones says:

    Am I missing something here. Co-workers? supervisor? are you actually working again then?


  2. Mel says:

    Sorry sweetie, Check the date – I’m moving some old 2006 posts over. Can’t stitch so doing some old blog cleanup and post moving. I decided for the sake of posterity to move over all the blog posts, not just the stitching related ones. It’s been an interesting visit down memory lane.

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