Snowflake – from Moonflower designs

Snowflake by Moonflower Designs

Chart Cover

With all of the hassles with my neighbours and finding a new house etc etc I have been in a real stitching slump!  I haven’t picked up a needle in nearly a fortnight.  I got home from work and grocery shopping tonight to find that the latest Moonflower design had arrived on my doorstop.

Snowflake is truly beautiful!  I also had a note attached from the designer that stated (well I’ve paraphrased here) that due to her being unsure whether I could obtain the specialty threads and fabric here in Australia, she sent the leftovers she had from her model stitching of this piece.    So I have in effect a whole kit for the introductory price of the chart !!!!  And it is truly beautiful.  Although my scanner does not pick it up, the fabric has beautiful jewel tone sparkles throughout.

I’ve decided that right after I finish this post, and update my webshots site, I will start on this design immediately!  It is sooo beautiful!


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