The Rhiannon Problem

Cover Picture DetailChart Section Detail

Here’s the actual problem with pictures in case anyone is interested ….

On the cover pic:
In her black worked hair, on the extreme right of the pattern, just above and to the right of her earring, there are three strands of hair falling from top right to bottom left. The ends of these three strands are in line with the downward pointing moon, the sun and then the upward pointing moon on the edge of her cloak.

On the chart:
The whole side of her headdress appears further away, and the middle of these three lines appears to be divided into two (making four in total for this section, with a strange vertical line going up from there.

Have you seen this before? Have you re charted this section to correct this discrepancy? I’d really like the pattern to match the cover pic as I prefer it in this instance, to the chart .


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